What is Cellulite and Way of Cellulite Removal

Cellulite is not a medical term. It is a word coined by the Europeans to describe a common physical condition characterized by the uneven bulges that appear visibly prominent on our bodies. The tendency to develop cellulite is largely hereditary. It afflicts young and old, men and women alike. Let’s know more about what is cellulite and some important way of cellulite removal.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a combination of excess fat, water, and extracellular waste which gets lodged in the connective tissues of our body. Once the cellulite is trapped, it pushes up against the network of skin’s restraining fibers. It appears as the unsightly unevenly distributed lumps and pads of fat on our body.

Cellulite is different from the ordinary layer of fat which lies beneath our skin. Unlike cellulite, the evenly distributed fat layer provides insulating and cushioning to the internal organs and is a source of every, our body ordinarily calls upon.

Where does cellulite appear?

Women are more likely to have cellulite in the prominent areas of their bodies. They have excess fat deposits on their breast and hips while in men, excessive fat deposits are found more often on the abdomen and the upper back, around the shoulder and neck.

What is Cellulite and Way of Cellulite Removal
What is Cellulite and Way of Cellulite Removal

What causes cellulite?

Most cosmetologists agree poor diet, poor physical maintenance, internal stress, and inadequate elimination are the primary causes of cellulite formation. Food poisoning also causes cellulite.

  • If our diet lacks adequate calories and nutrients or the food was taken is hot and spicy, it results in irritation and aggravation of the digestive and intestinal tract. This produces stress within our bodies. This can further be worsened by poor elimination.
  • Sedentary work life and lack of physical exercise lead to improper elimination and excess retention of the toxic cellular waste (lactic acid) in our muscles. This promotes the build-up of new cellulite.
  • Excess sodium consumed as common salt leads to the retention of water and bloated feeling. As a result, it encourages the formation of cellulite.

Way of cellulite removal


Dieting to control cellulite formation means eating sensibly so as to avoid stress and help the body cleanse itself of all irritating and polluting agents through the process of elimination. Consulting a good dietician will help in deciding the correct menu for oneself.

Physical exercise

Regular exercises promote a sense of well-being as well as reduce stress and strains of everyday life. They help in eliminating waste materials within the body which will otherwise contribute to the lumpy fat.

Brisk walking, jogging, and swimming promote the healthy development and even distribution of the flesh in the body. If you do not have time for exercise, walking to and from the place of works may help.

The busy executive and sedentary workers should find time to relax and undertake at least half to one hour of walking and spot reducing exercises. A word of caution. One should not work into exhaustion which may be counter-productive.


Autolysis means the process of self-cleaning and the self-washing of wastes. Periodically, the body becomes steeped with an accumulation of refuse, sludge, impurities, toxic wastes, debris, and mucus. Autolysis is a natural way to get rid of the wastes.

Morning self-washing Fruit Cocktail

The fruit cocktail is prepared as under:

  • A cup of sun-dried apricots soaked in pineapple juice overnight is taken first thing in the morning. This cocktail, through the action of the pineapple juice, releases the iron and copper of the apricot which, in turn, enriches the blood with life-giving oxygen which is required to awaken and revitalize the circulatory system and create of natural self-cleansing.

Cellular washing exercises

Tired and fatigued persons do experience regeneration through natural foods. But in order to free the cement-like sludge and clogged cellular wastes that fester in the intricate circulatory channels, a set of eight simple massage exercises have been devised.

These exercises help to loosen up wastes, remove the blockage, free eliminative channels and help cast off choking sediments.

  1. Use a large bath towel for all exercises. Loop the towel behind the neck. Pull your chin in full forward on both ends of the towel and resist the towel with the neck, as hard as you can, for just six seconds. Do it only once.
  2. Now slide the towel down to the small of your back. While pulling forward on the towel, resist by contracting the muscles in your buttocks and your belly. Push back hard against the towel and counts to six.
  3. Loop the towel under your left foot and pull up with both hands while your foot pushes down.
  4. Do the same exercise under the right foot.
  5. Now under both feet, pull up with hands, while your feet push down.
  6. Take the towel by the far end, hold a towel at the thighs and pull hard on both ends of the towel.
  7. Now raise the tower high overhead and pull the towel hard for six seconds.
  8. Now hold a towel at shoulder height straight in front of you and pull the towel as hard as possible for six seconds.

A stiff bath brush awakens sluggish circulation

While taking bath, after soaping, scrub with a stiff bath brush vigorously all over the body. This enhances the blood circulation below the skin which in turn helps to cast off the stored-up fatigue-causing lactic acids, carbon dioxide, and other chemical abrasives.

Controlled juice fasting

Controlled fasting is an ancient system for washing and resting the internal organs. Most people prefer a day of raw fruit juice fasting. Some like raw vegetable juice fasting.

The power of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and other valuable detoxifying elements in the juices, are able to work without the interference of solid food. East only one day per week.

A regular (night is preferable) but the bath in comfortably warm water helps stem out the accumulated toxins through the pores in the skin.

Homemade cosmetics

Cleansing bath:  2 handfuls of Epsom salt (Magnesium sulfate) from the chemist in a tub of hot water. Soak it for 20 minutes. Massage oil:  Boil Ivy leaves (a handful) and a handful of kamal (lotus) leave in about 1 liter of sesame oil for 20 minutes. Use the oil for massaging the cellulite areas daily and watch it disappear.


The key to success in your battle against the ugly ravages of cellulite lies in just one-word caring. Caring means to follow meticulously the directions given on diet and regular exercises.

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