What are the Effects of Nutrition, Diet, Vitamins and Minerals?

Let’s know more about what are the effects of nutrition, Diet, vitamins, and minerals

Nutrition and diet: You are what you eat. A sound program of nutrition is a must for every woman whose aim is beauty. Apart from diets to suit your individual needs and activities, there are basic principles of nutrition that apply to everyone.

Proteins: They form blood, bone, and tissue, keep flesh firm, and fill the body with vital energy.

What kinds of foods are rich in protein?

Lean meat, fish, and poultry skimmed milk, soybeans, lentils, cheese, and eggs.

Carbohydrates: Provide important nutrients for growing children, chase away fatigue, give quick energy, and satisfy hunger.

In what kinds of foods are carbohydrates found?

Vegetables and fruits, bread cakes, potatoes, rice, and cereals.

Note: Taking in more carbohydrates than your body can use, contributes to flabby flesh and over-weight.

Sugars: It comes in a form of carbohydrates. All foods contain a small amount of sugar and the amount needed by the normal body for its sugar level balance comes from vegetables, fruits, and bread.

What about refined sugar?

Refined sugar has only calories and no food value. Candy, chocolates, and soft drinks are bad for the teeth and complexion too.

Note: Use honey as a sugar substitute. It is the most wholesome sugar source.

Fats: The body needs fats for body heat, lubrication of the skin, and hair.  It is found in the natural fat content of dairy products, meats.

Note: Use poly-unsaturated oils instead of lards, ghee, and butter.

  • Do not eat too many fatty foods. It is bad for digestion and the vascular system.
  • Gives an over-oily complexion and enlarge pores.

What are the fatty foods to be avoided?

Fried foods, rich pastries, fat-filled dressings. Go easy on bacon, cream, mayonnaise, nuts, and olives.

Vitamins and minerals: Vitamins and minerals are very important for our well-being.

Vitamin A: Fights infection, repairs tissue, helps circulation, and is good for the eyes. Found in liver, carrots, spinach.

B complex: Helps the body utilize the nutrients, strengthens nerves, relieves stress, and keeps glands in good condition. Found in wheat, yogurt, milk, bananas, chicken.

Vitamin C: Combats colds, helps build connective tissue, forms red blood cells, good for teeth and gums. Found in citrus fruits, strawberries, sprouts, alma gooseberry.

Vitamin D: The sunshine vitamin is good for bones.

Note: Eat as much raw fruit and vegetables as possible. Don’t overcook as overcooking destroys the vitamins. Between meals, drink six to eight glasses of water daily.

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