6 Essential Tips for Healthy Eating

Apart from a basic knowledge of the nutrients your body needs, maintaining a sensible diet has got a lot to do with common sense. Here are some basic tips for healthy eating.

Tips for Healthy Eating

1. No animal oil and butter: Go easy on the fats-grill rather than fry your food, and if cooking in oil, use vegetable rather than animal oil. Avoid too much butter, or eat unsaturated fats instead.

2. Eat less sugar or none at all: With anything white, like flour, bread, rice, and sugar, most of the nourishment has been taken out and replaced by any number of synthetic ingredients.

So, where possible, eat brown rice instead of white, substitute honey for sugar, and try to eat wholegrain brown bread and flour. Remember, unrefined, natural foods are best, especially fresh fruit and vegetables.

3. Don’t eat late at night: You will not be using energy so food will be poorly digested and may upset you sleep patterns.tips-for-healthy-eating

4. Eat more fiber: It is an important aid to digestion.

5. Three balanced meals: Try to eat three balanced meals a day-breakfast is essential as it raises your blood sugar level and prepares you for the day.

6. Drink plenty of fluids: Drink plenty of fluids during the day to wash waste from your body and to help keep your complexion clear.

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