Ideal Weight for Women

The word diet conjures up visions of torture, hunger pangs, resisting temptations, and spending months on end trying to lose a few pounds, becoming more and more irritable as the months go by and finding the bother not worth it while. Diet really means having the cake and eating it too, according to our simple plan. Let’s know the ideal weight for women and how to achieve it easily

When we take more calories than necessary, these fatty substances store in our bodies and we grow fat and over-weight. What is a calorie?  It is a measure of the amount of energy produced by food.

Thus foods high in calories make more energy. Energy generated is put to use by our bodies for walking, sitting, and even sleeping. We gain weight when excess calories are taken.

Figuring out the diet

You already know you are overweight because you overate, but what is not known is how few extra calories can add unwelcome pounds.

One pound of excess weight= 3,500 calories.

Therefore, if you are 11 pounds overweight, you have consumed 11 x 3,500= 38,500 more calories than your body needs.

For example, if your ideal weight should be 121 pounds but you are 132 pounds, that means you are consuming 150 extra calories a day- a slice of plain coffee cake, 30 peanuts, a lad these, and hundreds of other foods contain only 150 calories, which if eaten daily in excess of your body needs, can add 11 pounds to your weight in about 39 weeks without you noticing it.

To find out how many pounds you can safely lose in the next 30 days, turn to what you should weigh chart. Use it to find your desirable weight.

Then subtract your desired weight from your present weight. This will tell you how many pounds you are overweight.

Now multiply the number of your excess pounds by 3,500 to find out how many calories you must cut out in order to attain an ideal weight.

For example, your weight should be 128 pounds, but at present, you are 143 pounds (143-128=15). To lose the extra 15 pounds you are carrying, you must eat 15 x 3,500= 52,500 calories less than your body uses.

A look at this daily maintenance calorie chart shows that to keep the 143 pounds that you presently weigh, you have been eating about 2,300 calories a day. So, if you go on 1000. Calories a day diet, you will be taking (2,300-1,000= 1,300) calories less daily.

In 30 days, you will have reduced 11 pounds because you have reduced your intake by 39,000 calories. Stick to the same 1,000 calories diet for another 10-14 days and you will be back to your desired weight of 128 pounds.

By keeping a calorie record for 30 days, see your diet at work. By maintaining a monthly diary, you give diet structure so it doesn’t go on endlessly. Set a time limit. Decide your diet daily calorie allowance.

Among diets, counting calories is still the best and has the longest lasting result. Get in the habit of counting entering calories immediately after a meal. Jot down everything to the last handful of peanuts.

Don’t wait, waiting means forgetting things. Enter all the nibbles, it makes it easier to break the habit.

What do you do when you break your diet? With chocolates or ice-cream or pizza. Enjoy it, savor every mouthful because the trick is to learn to compensate.

The main purpose is to teach you to count calories and make it easy and fun. Are your calories high by lunchtime? Then cut on your dinner or going to a party or eating a special sweet.

Slimming, generally means staying on rabbit food which you don’t like. Even the great French chefs have developed nouvelle cuisine omitting butter, cream, and sugar, and substitution then with healthier foods, with this diet plan, you will have a lovely figure. A calorie count of items in typically Indian meals is given.

How Many Calories Are Needed to Maintain Your Desirable Weight


Daily Maintenance Calories

Desirable Weight in-lbs.

For Years 18-35

For Years 35-55

For Years 55-75

99 1700 1500 1300
110 1850 1650 1400
121 2000 1750 1550
128 2100 1900 1600
132 2150 1950 1650
143 2300 2050 1800
154 2400 2150 1850
165 2550 2300 1950

Ideal Weight for Women

There can be a variation in a weight chart due to age, bone structure, and inherited factors. Re-measure yourself without clothes. Lay tape flat over the body.

Approximate Ideal Measurements



Upper Thighs


4’10” to 5’

31” 33”

18” 19”

7 ½” 7 ¾”

5’1” to 5’3’

33” 34”

19” 20”

8” 8 ½”

5’4” to 5’6”

33” 36”

20” 21½”

8” 8 ½”

5’7” & over

34” 38”

20” 21 ½”

8” ¾”

There are 3,500 calories in one pound of body weight. The average adult eats 2,000 calories per day.

Ideal Weight for Women

A Diet of 1,000 calories per day is necessary to lose 2 lbs. Per week. A Diet of 3,000 calories per day is necessary to gain 2 lbs per week.

People staying at home need to eat 800 calories per day to lose 2lbs. per week because they do not burn up as much energy as working people per day.


Ft              in

Normal Average

Weight (kg)

Normal Weight

Range (kg)

4               10


42 to 54

4               11


43 to 55

5                0


44 to 57

5                1


45 to 58

5                2


46 to 59

5                3


48 to 61

5                4


49 to 62

5                5


51 to 65

5                6


52 to 66

5                7


53 to 67

5                8


55 to 69

5                9


58 to 72

5               10


59 to 74

5               11


60 to 76

6                0


62 to 78

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