How to Pamper Yourself at Home?

Going to a health and beauty farm is an ideal, if extremely expensive, way to relax from the pressures of modern life an give your body a physical and cosmetic overhaul. But, with a little free time, you can easily give yourself the full treatment at home. Let’s know how to pamper yourself at home.

It won’t be quite the same as the real thing, but it will certainly be a lot less expensive. And it will give you a chance to indulge yourself in some of those beauty routines you have never had time for, never quite mastered, or always wanted to try. Here we provide some tips for how to pamper yourself at home.

It will also give your body a chance to relax and recuperate from the generally wearing effects of everyday life-the most important treatment even the most costly health farms can offer is this gradual slow-down of the whole system.

Planning to pamper yourself

How to pamper yourself at home
How to pamper yourself at home

Before you start, think about which particular treatments you need to improve your appearance and well being. In what order should you go through them? What equipment do you need before you start the treatment?

Use the two-day beauty plan, overleaf, as a guided schedule for your day, but do modify it to suit your particular needs so that time is used to your best advantage. If you find it impossible to devote two days to pampering yourself, condense the plan to one dry, leaving out the treatments you plan to one day, leaving out the treatments you do not consider absolutely necessary.

It is a good idea to get to bed early the night before you start, so you awake as alert as possible. And keep to an early-to-bed routine for the next couple of days or more.

How to pamper yourself at home 

A few suggested routines to cleanse relax and beautify your body:


How to Pamper Yourself
How to Pamper Yourself (Exercise)

Exercises can be extremely boring unless you do them to music when you can really get the rhythm, and the movements, going. So work out a little routine before you start.

But always remember to spend the first five minutes warming up so that you do not end up with strained muscles or pulled you do not end up with strained muscles or pulled or pulled ligaments.

Make sure, too, that you have plenty of room to move around. And make sure that what you are wearing allows you complete freedom of movement. The ideal ‘get-up’ is a tracksuit or a leotard (a one-piece swimsuit will do) and tights. Your clothing should not be restrictive at all.



Before you begin, assemble the following items:

Emery board soap or washing up liquid, a cuticle knife, cocktail stick and cotton wool (or a cotton bud) and treatment or manicure cream.

First, file your nails using the soft (the lighter) side of an emery board. Always file in one direction only and if your nails are on the short side, it is best to square them off for down the sides of your nails as this tends to weaken them and can lead to splitting.

Next, you will need to check your cuticles. Soften them by soaking your nails in warm soapy water for a few minutes. Then run a cuticle knife very gently across the base of the nail to remove any white film that has formed above the cuticles-this is the only acid that the body has rejected through the outlet of the nail.

When you have removed the acid, gently push back the cuticles using a cocktail stick wrapped in cotton wool (or the cotton bud).

Keeping the cuticle pliable and free of the nail surface is essential otherwise dead skin cells will cover the nail and make it appear shorter. Even worse, if the cuticle is held firmly to the nail it will stretch as the nail grows until it eventually snaps causing painful hangnails.

If you have long nails you might find that they get a bit grubby underneath; this dirt can be removed easily by using the cocktail stick and cotton wool dipped in hot soapy water. To remove stubborn stains such as nicotine or yellowing from nail varnish try rubbing a slice of lemon over the affected area.

Finally, rub a treatment or manicure cream into the nails. It will help to strengthen and protect them especially if you do a lot of manual work.

Waxing (How to Pamper Yourself)

Before waxing the body hair has to be allowed to grow to a certain length otherwise the wax will not be able to get a good grip and remove it properly. Use home waxing kits that are thermostatically controlled, and be careful not to let the wax cool too much on the skin, or it can be practically impossible to remove without a solvent (cotton wool soaked in surgical spirit will remove any traces of wax left behind).

Immediately after the wax has been stripped off massage firmly downwards on to the skin to take away the sting and apply body lotion liberally everywhere afterward.

Body massage

How to Pamper Yourself
How to Pamper Yourself (Body Massage)

Use your fingertips on fleshy areas and the sides of the palms for larger areas, such as the thighs. Always use plenty of oil and apart from the are being massaged keep the rest of your body warm by covering it with a towel.

If you do not have anyone to help you, you can still give yourself a foot massage a leg massage, and a neck and shoulders massage. A message will not make you lose weight but it will make your body feel wonderfully relaxed and will help to pep up your circulation.

Sauna bath


Although it is impossible to produce the very dry heat you get in a true sauna bath you can give yourself a bracing circulation-boosting treatment by scrubbing yourself vigorously with a rough massage glove or loofah- concentration on gooseflesh areas- after a good soak in a hot bath. Then spray your body all over with cold water.

Home hair treatment


Take all the time you need to wash and condition your hair thoroughly. Wash all combs brushes and anything else you use on your hair at the same time. If your hair is dry or lank use a special conditioning treatment, such as henna wax.

Cling film or tin foil makes excellent heat-retaining materials to wrap around your head while you are letting the lotions work. Over this wrap, a towel turban style, round your head and leave on for half an hour or so then rinse thoroughly.

Skin facial


Cleanse your face and neck then wash with soap and water before applying the oil for a massage. If your skin is particularly greasy instead of the oil massage use a man shaving brush to work up a good lather on your face with a wash-off cleanser specially designed for greasy skin type and lie down while it is working with pads of cotton wool soaked in witch hazel over your eyes.

Makeup session


This is your chance to really come to grips with some of the trickier techniques of makeup such as eye shadow blending putting blusher on in the most flattering spot dealing with false lashes outlining your lips. Take as long as you like over it and if you make a mistake just cleanse if off.

Hairstyling session


This is another session where you can learn to make the most of your freshly treated hair. If you have had perms try setting it with large rollers. Copy some of the sets you see illustrated in magazines.

There is no end to the various ways you can wear your hair, particularly if you have got a good cut to start off with all you need is time to find which style suits you best and practice in setting your hair that way.

Day One

7 am Wake up and drink a glass of hot water with a squeeze of lemon
7.30-8 am Exercise routine to music
8-8.30 am Wash and dress
8.30-9 am Breakfast
9-11 am Leg waxing
11-11.15 am Break for a drink
12-1 pm ‘Sauna’ bath
1-2 pm Lunch. Rest with your feet up
2-3 pm Exercise routine or a brisk walk, a swim, jogging, etc.
3-4.30 pm Complete manicure and pedicure
4.30-5 pm Break for a drink
5-6 pm Scalp and neck massage in preparation for the hair treatment the following day
6-7 pm Supper
7-bedtime Relax and listen to music, light reading, etc
Bedtime A glass of fruit juice

Day two

7-6 am As day one
9-11 am Complete home hair treatment routine, according to hair’s requirements. Relax
11-11.15 am A glass of fruit juice
11.15-12 noon Complete skin facial, including a face mask
12-1 pm Continue facial, including eyebrows, shaping, removing blackheads, etc
1-3 pm as day one
3-4.30 pm Make-up lesson
4.30-5 pm Break for a drink
5-6 pm Hairstyling lesson
6-7 pm You’re looking good, so why not go out and enjoy yourself?

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