How to Nails Manicure at Home?

Do you know how to mails manicure at home? Here we provide total procedure but before that some general knowledge about nails and some tips for its beautification.

General knowledge about nail

Nails are easier to understand when they are compared to hair. Both are primarily composed of dead tissue protein. Nails are healthy when you feel fit and eat a well-balanced diet.

Vitamins A and B complex, plenty of liver, citrus fruits, milk, honey celery, cauliflower, nuts, and grapes are good mil, honey, celery, cauliflower, nuts, and grapes are good for the nails, Vitamin D capsules are also particularly beneficial.

Brittle and splitting nails are caused by a lack of calcium. It can be improved by taking two tablespoons of gelatin daily in a glass of fruit juice. You will see the results after six weeks. Ragged cuticles are caused by a lack of lubrication.

Nails Manicure
Nails Manicure

So lubricate with lots of creams, the cuticles, and the areas around the nails as often as possible to eliminate raggedness and hangnails.

Nail-biting is often a sign of tension. It is also unsanitary. Self-discipline is the only solution to the problem of nail-biting. Also, take life more calmly, and keep your nails carefully manicured. When nails begin growing, they may require strengthening. Use a colorless nail hardener.

Steps for nails manicure at home

A manicure once a fortnight is very essential for an elegant look. Before every manicure; soak your hands in a little warm olive oil for about 5 minutes.

  • Shape nails either oval, round, or square using the smoother side of every board.
  • If cuticles are neglected, they tend to stick to the nail. A healthy cuticle should be soft, supple, and not stuck to the nail. Smooth some cuticle cream into the cuticles and push back the cuticles.
  • Follow this by removing all the dead cuticles with an orange stick wrapped in cotton and dipped in cuticle remover.
  • Snip off hangnails if any with a cuticle cutter but do not cut the cuticle as it would only make the cuticle rougher and harder.
  • Massage hands with good hand cream.
  • Remove all residue from the nails by washing and drying the fingertips.
  • You can make your individual hand lotion from the following:
  1. ½ cup rose water
  2. ¼ cup after-shave   ——————–  mix all together and
  3. ¼ cup glycerin      ——————— bottle for use
  4. ¼ tablespoon white vinegar

Finally, apply your nail polish to the nail. Hope you get a clear idea about nails manicure or feel free to comment.

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