How to Know your Body Type?

Let’s discuss how to know your body type? Your body build is determined by the size of your bones and the structure of your frame this is decided at birth and settled for good by the time you reach your early twenties. From then on you are what you are and no amount of dieting or exercise will change your basic body shape.

But despite this, there is much you can do to influence your outward appearance and make the best of your body shape-whatever it happens to be. Here we provide some way to know your body type so, that you can take care of it.

Know your body type

There are three main body types all of which have a characteristic shape but there are variations within each type and very few people fit perfectly into one particular category. Although body types overlap it is simple enough to recognize your own.

The ectomorph is the slender long boned and often angular person. The shoulder is narrow, and very often the hips are even narrower. The frame is small both in width and depth and rarely carries much muscle or fat.

The endomorph has a voluptuous figure with a well-padded middle the frame is into necessarily large although it tends to be heavily built.  Hips are often wider than the shoulder, and the overall effect is one of roundness. Although the frame is well covered it should not carry excess fat and the muscles should be firm.

The mesomorph has a muscular medium build with broad shoulders a small waist and narrow hips. The frame may be medium or large rounded or athletic in shape.

Making the most of your shape

We all want to distract attention from our bad points and emphasize the good and very often we can do this simply by paying attention to the balance and overall proportion of our bodies.

And this can be best achieved by paying careful attention to the way we dress. To keep a close eye on how others see you, try to gauge the overall effect of the way you dress by looking at yourself in a full-length mirror.

The wide variety of styles for women’s clothing can make the task of choosing clothes to suit your shape a little more difficult, much more so than for men-but it need not be too much of a problem if you bear in mind a few points.

If you are small, think small in terms of clothes, don’t wear anything huge that will swamp or overwhelm you and further minimize your size. Bags, hats, and coats should all be in proportion to your height and frame.

If you are a narrow, long-boned ectomorph, you will look less angular if you wear full, swirling clothes that do not cling to your body.

How to Know your Body Type?
Know your Body Type

If your body type tends more towards the rounded endomorph, with wider hips than shoulders, you should see that your dresses are slightly padded at the shoulders to balance the line.

Any fullness should come from below the hips and from gathers at the waistline. Wear slim-fitting sleeves and keep them fairly high-cut under the arms full, batwing sleeves will only make you appear rounder. Try to avoid large prints and very pale colors.

Endomorphs have a tendency to plumpness so make sure that your clothes are not tight as this will only draw attention to any excess weight. But don’t go in for maternity type dresses higher, as they will just make you look shapeless.

The extra heavy and broad shoulders of a mesomorph will look softer in tailored clothes. And, if you fit into this body type, be careful when wearing sleeveless dresses: they should extend to the end of the shoulder line and not be cut away to reveal the shoulders.

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