How to Improve Women Body Shapes Neck, Back, Breasts, Waist, Tummy, Legs, Hips and Bottom

Beauty is the sum of many parts and each should be as perfect as you can make it if you want to feel attractive, desirable, and confident when the glance goes below your neck. So, here we give some great tips to improve women body shapes including neck, back, breasts, waist, tummy, legs, hips, and bottom.

Caring for the women body shapes

Keeping your body in shape and beautiful is an important part of body care. First, it heightens your aesthetic appeal, and second, a well-formed body is far more physically competent than a body out of shape. Some parts of our body are vulnerable and deteriorate with age and often lack exercise.

Apart from this, different parts of the body have some typical beauty problems. In this chapter, we focus on how some exercises and beauty routines can help deal with these common problems.

How to improve women neck shape

It is impossible to see or imagine one’s face and figure without including the proportions and conditions of the neck. It is like a rose without a stem. A beautiful, neck, like good skin, is not merely a gift of nature, very often, the neck which is an extension of facial beauty is neglected and ends up wrinkled and crepe-like.

The neck and the eyes are the areas most highly susceptible to premature aging. There are various reasons for this and all are easy to counteract provided you keep to a regular neck-care program.

The neck has become wrinkled, it is really hard work to rejuvenate it. Your neck responds, more slowly to treatments than any other feature apart from the eyes, so be patient and persevering.

Wrinkles appear due to drying of the skin and also due to sluggish metabolism. The main thing to remember is that the supply of blood to this area is particularly lax which results in a rough, dull, muddy, or discolored skin.

Exercise combined with massage as well as a regular good skin-care program and a good posture is the answer to a beautiful neck.

Extend your regular skin-care regime of cleansing, toning, and nourishing to your neck for a flawless complexion. When having a bath, scrub your neck with a rough, soapy washcloth or a dried their scrubber.

This makes good sense because scrubbing activates the circulation and removes every trace of deeply embedded grime and dirt. Always clean your neck morning and night with good cleansing milk and remove makeup with damp cotton before rinsing. Once a week, use a fine scrub to remove old skin cells and polish the skin of the chin and neck.

You can make your own scrub by mixing together one tablespoon sandalwood powder and one tablespoon Multani Mitti (Fuller’s earth), as well as enough Dahi (Yoghurt) to make a paste. Rinse off after ten minutes.

Flaky and dehydrated skin responds well to a massage with a good skin food to which a few drops of lemon juice have been added.

A good skin food for the neck could be made with equal quantities of cold cream, almond oil, and rose water. To massage, the neck, put a little cream on the fingers of each hand, and clasp the base of the neck with the thumbs in front and the fingers meeting behind. Now gently massage from the bottom upwards, until you reach the ears.

To remove dull skin use cleansing and tightening masks. Mix one tablespoon dry oatmeal powder with Dahi (yogurt). Then add the juice of one lime. Massage this pack on the neck and leave for half an hour. Rinse off, pat dry, and apply moisturizer.

The oatmeal and Dahi remove the dead surface cells and the lemon juice restores the acid balance and bleached the lemon juice restores the acid balance and bleaches the skin. Follow with an almond oil massage.

Back improving tips for women

Be conscious of the way you hold yourself and practice pulling your shoulders back, stretching the spine, and not slouching. Do arms swinging exercises, swing backward. If you have greasy skin, the areas between your shoulder blades can get very greasy. Wear cotton instead of synthetic fabrics next to the skin.

Tackle spots and oiliness with this exfoliative ceremony back-wash. Mix half teaspoon salt with a tablespoon of milk of magnesia (available at the chemist). Massage into skin and rinse off.

Tips for improving breasts (Women Body Shapes)

Female breasts consist of milk glands, lymph ducts, and fatty and fibrous tissue. Size often matter if fat and glands.

Many women feel their breasts are the wrong shape lack bounce is too long large or too small. A small bust has every advantage. It does not have such a fight with gravity and can stay in good shape for a lifetime. Women with large busts have to take care to support them and to keep them looking shapely and firm.

Women with very large bosoms attempt to hide them by stopping with rounded shoulders which do nothing for the body shape in general. It only encourages the breasts to droop. Whatever size your breasts are good posture is a must

Try this exercise to improve posture. Stand in your usual position. Now lift the shoulders a fraction move them back about two inches and drop them from this point so that the back and shoulder muscles lift the pectorals and in turn the breasts extending the areas from navel to diaphragm which improves the bust line.

Improve Women Body Shapes
Breast improvement exercise

However, out of condition, your breasts are they can always be improved with exercise. The most efficient bust conditioning sport is swimming. The breasts stroke is best as the name would suggest swim with the head raised out of the water and breathe regularly and deeply

Exercise to improve your bust can be done at any odd moment during the day here are three exercises for lifting your breasts

Sit cross-legged or on your heels like in Vajra asana and extend arms behind you, interlacing the fingers, hold the position for the account of 10, and then relax-repeat three to four times.

Sit on the floor or a chair and lift arms overhead and press palms of the hands together. Using your muscles and still pressing your palms against each other, lower them slowly to shoulder level, count 10 Relax and repeat.

  • Clasp hands and push hard against each palm-repeat whenever you have a spare moment.

Many women wear the wrong size bra which is not good because proper support is necessary. Here is a sizing guide-measure your circumference directly under the bust and add five inches, that is your bra size.

If a  second measurement around the fullest part of your bust is exactly the same as the bra size, you need a Cup; if it’s 1 inch more B; if 2 inches more C, and 3 inches more D.

A bra that is too tight for your ban cause pressure marks under the arms and mid-back: too tight straps leave ridges on the shoulders, ill-fitting cups and cups can accelerate mastitis (inflammation of the breasts).

Last but not least, an unused, uncared for body withers and dries up. A 50-year-old woman who is full of sexuality and leads a vibrant life is still making the same tissue forming secretions she did at 30.

Women and girls who are depressed, run-down or are (or feel they are) unloved, have breasts that are cold to the touch, and lack a healthy bouncy quality.

How to improve the waist and tummy (Women Body Shapes)

Overweight and lack of exercise are two reasons why your waist is not shapely. Waists are whittled with exercises and these two exercises are a sure bet.

Stand with feet apart. Lift arms overhead and clasp the head. Bend from the waist towards the left and bounce four times to the right. Repeat six times aside every day.

To get rid of your tummy bulge lie on your back on the floor with your feet locked under the bed or a chest and cross your feet locked under a bed or a chest and cross your hands over your chest. Now bring yourself up almost into a sitting position (it is the almost sitting up that makes you felt the pull.) then almost sitting up that makes you felt the pull.) then almost go back down to the floor. Do these exercise six times twice a day, if you are keen to banish the flab quickly.

Stretch marks happen when the skin cannot stretch to accommodate quick growth during puberty or pregnancy.

Prevention is the answer. If you are pregnant, try lubricating your tummy with a vitamin E-rich cream or oil and do not let your skin get dry.

To make them less obvious, apply a touch of waterproof make-up with damp cotton in a color to match your skin tone.

Women legs shape improving tips

Legs shape is an important part of women body shapes. Thighs get the flabbiest. Massage them while having a bath and soaping yourself by twisting and pummeling the flesh, to improve circulation. Afterward, pat dry and apply lots of soothing body lotion.

Knees whether they are squishy or knobbly, mostly depend on heredity and weight. If the skin on the body gets dark and dry, use lots of creams. Once a week, massage them with one tablespoon oil (any oil), juice of half a lemon, and half a teaspoon salt before a bath.

Legs tend to be dry-skinned because they don’t have very active oil glands, so lubrication with body lotion or cream after every bath is a good idea. Spider veins, which are often around the knees and on the thighs may look unattractive, the could be treated by your doctor with an injection.

Varicose veins should not be neglected and need medical treatment, usually surgery. It helps to rest as often as possible with your legs raised.

Shape up with daily exercises for better-looking limbs.

Stand about two feet away from support and stretch and lift the leg (keeping the leg straight), swing across the body. Do 20 times. Repeat 20 times with the other leg.

Stand with one hand resting on support and kick leg forward and backward as far as it will go. Do 20 times. Repeat 20 times with the other leg.

How to improve women body shapes (Hips and Bottom)

Heavy hips and a flabby bottom seem to be the problem of many women.

Unfortunately, hip and bottom problems don’t normally respond to diet alone. Exercise is really the only way to attain a smooth, firm, proportioned figure.

If you follow the hip and bottom program outlined here, you will see visible results in two month’s time, likely even sooner. Do the following exercises daily. These are super spot-reducers.

One exercise you can do anywhere is to contract the buttock muscles hared and hold for the count of six. If the flab is lumpy and has a dimpled look, it could be cellulite. The problem can be tackled by scrubbing with a loofah while having a bath to boost circulation.

Walk on your hips from one end of the room to the other and back again. Do this daily to slim your hips. Raise right hip, push right leg forward. Now raise left hip, push left leg forward.

Begin on hands and knees. The draw left knee to chest. Kick left leg back and up, lifting the head. Lower leg, draw knee to chest again. Kick rhythmically ten times. Repeat to right.

Apart from these exercises, take up an activity that you enjoy doing, like dancing, jogging, walking, swimming, tennis, or cycling. Regular physical activity performed at a fairly strenuous level will slim heavy hip, in addition to promoting all-round fitness.

Besides these exercises and a sensible diet, devote at least five to seven minutes a day to massaging the affected tissues.

Now starting with the flesh on the bottom and working upwards along the hip, pick up the surplus tissue and gently knead it as you would dough, using the knuckles.

Wring the flesh into S bands, using your right hand to guide the tissues in one direction, your left hand reversing the direction. Keep alternating the hand and work as usual from bottom to the waist.

Use a creamy body lotion or vegetable oil for your massage as massage strokes are easier with lubrication in this dry area of the body.

Follow this hip and bottom plan for a month. Your tape measure will record measurement changes after 30 days, perhaps sooner.

Apart from the tips given for a month. Your tape measure will record measurement changes after 30 days, perhaps sooner.

Apart from the tips given in the chapter, the beauty problems of hands and fit have been discussed extensively in a separate chapter. Cellulite, which is a common problem amongst women, is discussed in the next chapter.

Hope these tips mention above helpful for women body shapes improvement. Don’t just treat this article but practice it as suggested and feel the difference.

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