How to get rid of Lice Naturally Home Remedies?

Do you know how to get rid of lice naturally? Don’t you are in right place, here you will find expert opinion to get rid of lice?

Get rid of the little visitor that plague you or your kids. What do you do when your children (or you!) bring home hairy hitchhikers?

How to get rid of lice naturally

Jay Feldman, executive director of the nonprofit Beyond Pesticides, says to go with nit combs, heat, and patience.

“If there are opportunities to prevent and treat through mechanical means, that should be the first line of defense,” he says.

Nit comb: A standard thin-pronged nit comb is really effective at removing lice. But if it can’t eliminate the problem, Feldman suggests using newer electronic combs, such as the Robi Comb, which can detect and eliminate lice when they’re tiny, but not while they’re eggs.

Heat: A 2008 study in the journal Pediatrics found that using a handheld blow-dryer to apply heat on sections of the head for 30 minutes killed 98% of eggs and 55% of adult lice. The heat performed better than toxic chemicals.

how to get rid of lice naturally
Clear the bugs and your worries with natural at-home tips.

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