How to Cope with Aging (5 Useful and Effective Tips )

You are what you are today and not what you were yesterday. We prepared for how to cope with aging. Hoping to be a rubber-stamp edition of you twenty or thirty years ago is an impossible and unfulfilled dream.

However, a sensible acceptance of the inevitable process of aging not only brings about a tranquility that shows in the face but also allows you to discover and enjoy the many benefits of maturity.

How to cope with aging

Unfortunately, depression about one’s appearance can become a habit, and women, in particular, may feel that the effects of aging make them less attractive in every way but this need not be the case.

By having a positive attitude to life and confidence in themselves, many men and women get better looking and develop more sex appeal as they get older-character, humor and understanding are reflected in their faces, and these are far more enduring qualities than physical beauty.

  1. Enjoying the present
  2. New interests
  3. Keeping your figure trim and supple
  4. Cosmetic aids
    1. Make-up
    2. Protect your skin
    3. Hair
    4. Teeth and glasses
  5. Dressing cleverly

1. Enjoying the present

Do not be ashamed of your age. Confidence creates a good impression and shows in the face, just as discontentment and depression etch hard and unflattering lines. It may help to remember that changing looks is not unique to you as you age, so do your contemporaries.

It is often harder for women who have been young beauties to accept getting older and they especially may attempt to hang on slavishly to a young image.

But living in the past is not the answer. Adapt to the present rather than dwelling in the past, because no-one can remain young forever. Bringing yourself up-to-date with your appearance will help you to avoid a lot of unhappiness as the years go by.

If you are unhappy about an aging appearance remember that the young look and dress are no more valid than the way you look and dress. They are simply another generation that you have left behind, and there is no point in wasting energy on regretting the passing years.

We are all in a constant state of change from the time we are born and we should aim to enjoy each new experience.

2. New interests

If you are getting older it does not mean that you no longer have the right to lead a rich and full life. Now is the time to create and enjoy many new interests; and remember that the busier you are, the less likely you are to get depressed over a few extra lines here and there.

As you get older you will have more time for yourself than ever before children are grown up, and retirement means many leisure hours. Get out and about; involve yourself in the outside world because there is no real dividing line between any generations except in the mind.

It is amazing how easily depressing, downward line on the face can become pleasant personality lines when you are living life to the full.

How to cope with aging

Coming to terms with an aging appearance means taking stock of every part of yourself. With fewer demands on your time, there is more opportunity to take active care of yourself and establish a healthy pattern of living life to the full.

Coming to terms with an aging appearance means taking stock of every part of yourself. With fewer demands on your time, there is more opportunity to take active care of yourself and establish a healthy pattern of living.

There are two ways in which age shows itself most prominently. First of all in the face, and secondly in the way you move and walk. It is not simply a question of aiming to look attractive but keeping in good overall condition.

Your health contributes enormously to the way you look, so do your best to keep your body fit and well and remember that an optimistic state of mind and an active interest in the world keeps you young too.

3. Keeping your figure trim and supple

Older people often look better if they are slightly plump rather than very thin, but this does not mean getting overweight. As you get older you not only need less food, but you also have to watch the type of food you eat.

Eat plenty of fresh foods but cut down on animal fats and sugar products; and take a multi-vitamin pill to make sure nothing is lacking in your diet.

How to cope with aging
How to cope with aging

Watch how you stand, sit, and walk. Good posture creates an impression of youth and vitality and makes you feel and look altogether better. If you slump you are going to feel tired because your lungs cannot expand properly, and you will encourage a double chain and a dowager’s hump.

Along with diet and posture, exercise is also a good way to stay looking good. Walking is one of the finest exercises of all, and it gets you out into the fresh air as well. Take a walk every day if you can, and walk briskly until you have had enough.

Your breathing will be improved, your skin enlivened and your whole body relaxed. Take whatever form of exercise you like but remember that short sharp bursts of activity are not good and can put too much strain on the heart.

If you decide to keep fit by joining an exercise class, don’t feel you have to keep pace with younger members of the group. But whatever you do, don’t settle for an inactive, indoor middle age.

4. Cosmetic aids

Although an active mind and a healthy body are the key factors to an attractive appearance in later life, it is well worthwhile knowing how to get the right cosmetic help, too:

4.1 Make-up

Apart from being a great morale booster, the right make-up can take years off a woman’s age. Used properly it can enhance the good points and camouflage the not-so-good. Avoid colors that are too bright and harsh; wear grey or brown eye shadows and soft, warm shades of lipstick.

Choose attained, liquid foundation, matched to your skin tone, to even out and hind any blemishes and to give you a new ‘top layer’. Apply powder with a damp sponge to prevent a floury look and to give your skin bloom.

Us a cream rouge under your powder, rather than a powder rouge. It looks more natural and does not show up tiny lines on the face. Place it on the cheekbone rather than in the hollow below.

If you are embarrassed by brown spots on your hands, cover them with a tinted foundation and then powder over with a dampened tissue.

4.2 Protect your skin

Always use a moisturizing cream on your hands and face to protect them from the sun, harsh winds, and pollution. At night use a slightly heavier cream, but keep it away from the delicate eye area. Blot off any surplus cream that has not been absorbed after five minutes.

4.3 Hair

Do not be afraid to experiment with a new hairstyle. It is one of the quickest morale boosters of all. But beware of bleaching and dyeing your hair both can be more aging than applying a light color rinse to graying hair.

Regular visits to good stylists will ensure you keep up with trends in hair fashions as retaining a favorite style for years can be extremely dating. Some women find it very hard to give up their long hair because it is a symbol of youth, but in fact, a shorter, face-framing style is younger-looking.

4.4 Teeth and glasses

Invest in the very best dentures you can afford if you lose your teeth. Make sure they fit properly and are creamy in color rather than shining white because you want them to look natural.

If you wear glasses, spend time choosing the most attractive ones available. The right glasses give you confidence and can be very flattering.

5. Dressing cleverly

Older people can look stunning, elegant, confident, or just comfortable in their clothes, but they should avoid looking like mutton dressed up as lamb.

Nothing is more aging. As you get older your aim should be for simplicity and the minimum of fuss. Here are some guidelines to follow in dressing to emphasize your best features:

  • Wear clothes that suit you and in which you feel comfortable regardless of the dictates of fashion.
  • Go for colors that flatter your skin and wear them close to your face a scarf at the neckline, a collar, or blouse.
  • Avoid clothes that are too right or so short that they show the back of the knee.
  • Tight high necklines can cause a double chin to be pushed more clearly on the show. Shirt necklines are generally more flattering whatever your size.
  • The top of the arm is not the kindest part to expose, so don’t go sleeveless-long or three quarter length sleeves are more elegant.
  • Don’t overload yourself with jewelry.
  • Keep away from frilly, little girl dresses.
  • Men shouldn’t wear skin-tight jeans.
  • Don’t wear plunge necklines that reveal all.
  • Keep away from brightly colored tights.

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