How to Apply Makeup in Face, Nose, Eye, and Lip?

Apply makeup is kind of essential for women. Do you know the best way for how to apply makeup? Let’s find some effective way to apply makeup. There are three good reasons for applying makeup.

1. To make yourself prettier naturally. This does not mean you should use a minimum of make-up. Perhaps you should use more than you now use. The trick is to be sure that the shades and texture your choices are ones which make you look as if you just are that lovely, all by yourself.

2. To highlight your good points and camouflage your bad pints.

3. Make-up protects your skin by acting as an insulator against the elements if chosen correctly to match the texture of your skin. Now let us proceed with the make-up step by step.

Basic facial cosmetics

Before Applying Makeup

Firstly: Skin should be scrupulously clean. Apply cleansing cream and wipe off with cotton soaked in water.

Secondly: Apply moisturizer on dry skin and astringent on oily skin. If you have mixed skin, use a moisturizer on dry areas and astringent on oily areas. The skin is now ready for make-up.

Foundation:  to choose a colour, apply a little on your cheek or inside of your wrist. It should blend in. Apart from that, you should also have a shade darker and a shade lighter.

How to apply makeup

Apply light shade to cover dark circles and lines on forehead and nose to mouth lines.

  • Apply your foundation. Place a little in your palm and apply it to the face with cotton wool soaked in toning lotion for a more natural look.
  • After the foundation has been applied, take a good look at your face. Do you have too round a face, broad nose or a heavy jawline? You can minimize these defects by using your darker shade.
How to apply makeup
How to apply makeup

A round face

Use a darker shade on the sides of the face.

A large jawline

Apply a darker shade on the jawline.

A broad nose

On both side of the nose bags under the eyes also can be minimized by using you darker shade under the eyes. Don’t forget the neck and ears.


How to apply makeup
How to apply makeup

Translucent powder is the best as it veils and does not cover.

It should only be used if you require a matt finish. Apply with a brush and then dust downwards.


Skillfully applied rouge brings a realistic blush to the cheeks. Rouge should be only a whisper of colour.

Again, the colour you choose matters

Beiger or golden complexions should go for colours like tawny, coral or amber.

Where to Apply rouge

It should be placed where your natural blush should be. To find that spot, smile widely with your lips closed, your cheeks naturally rise. Apply rouge on this area, and fade out gradually towards the hairline.


Never apply rough too close to the nose and too low on the cheeks. For night time, rouge could be more emphasized because artificial lights tend to rob the face of your grows. Mature ladies could do without rouge or apply a mere whisper of colour if they cannot do without it.

Eye makeup

Start by having your eyebrows neatly shaped. Get it done professionally for ht first time. In case you want to do it at home by yourself never in between your make-up. The best time to tweeze your eyebrows is after a bath as the pores are open.

Apply a little Vaseline and smooth into shape. All the hairs that detract from a neat shape should be plucked out. To determine where the eyebrows should start and end, hold a pencil upright from your nose, resting the pencil against the nostril, the pencil should touch the inner edge of the brow.

Move the pencil to form an angle ending at the outer corner of the eye. Above where the pencil ends, the eyebrow should end. Tweeze only the stragglers that detract from the clean outline of your brow.

Rules for shaping the eyebrows

If your face is round or pear-shaped, the outer tips of the brow should point towards the hairline, along with or oval face-the tips should arch down so that the curve will soften the lines of the face.

How to apply makeup (Eye-shadow)

Apply a colourful eye-shadow all over the eyelid area. Don’t extend outside the natural shape and don’t take it above the eye crease.

Next, highlight the brow area with white eye-shadow. Contour the eye by applying brown or grey right at the socket line. Next comes the eyeliner, which should be a very thin line drawn close to the lashes. After that comes the mascara which is a must.

Eye-shadow should be skipped by those who have naturally shadowed lids, darkly circled eyes, or wrinkled eye area.

Small Eyes, Eyebrows Thin

Pastel or white shadow all over from eyebrow to the eyelid and a smudge of brown in the socket.

Prominent Eyes

Deep dramatic eyeshadow to minimize the size of the lid. Don’t highlight brow, 1/8th inch thick eyeliner extended into inner and outer corners. Make a definite socket line to make the eye more deep-set.

Almond Shape

Pale shadow all over the end and smudge faint brown shadow in the socket. Fine eyeliner all around the eye.

Deep-set Eyes

No socket line. Pastel colours form eyelid and to browbone. No dark shadow.


Lipsticks come in all shades to suit every mood of yours. It is best applied with a lipstick brush. Outline the lips first and then fill in with colour. To make lipstick last, blot lipstick powder lightly applies lipstick again.

To finish off blot make-up with a cotton pad dipped in ice water and squeezed out.

Corrective makeup for the lips

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