Best Exercise for Weight Loss for Women

It is virtually impossible to overestimate the value of exercise. It not only gets rid of unsightly flabby toning and firming your muscles, but it is also the world’s best tranquilizer, doing away with sleeping pills and helps work off a bad mood and temper. Let’s see some best exercise for weight loss for women.

Most cardiologists agree that if a woman exercises vigorously for half an hour, three times a week or more, it helps prevent heart trouble. This is why it is so important that an exercise program is started the moment you reach 40 if you have not already started one.

As women enter the pre-menopausal and menopausal years, they lose much of their hormonal protection against heart attacks. Exercise keeps blood vessels elastic and builds up circulation.

Doctors in America, Europe, and the world over say that exercise is the closest thing to an anti-aging pill that is available, because muscles can be rejuvenated by exercise, giving them tone and making them stronger.

The best exercise for weight loss for women

The woman who exercises consistently will be limber and supple. Exercise also counteracts many of the effects of arthritis and keeps arthritic joints more supple.

Outdoor Exercises

If you do not like doing exercises, outdoor sports can be just as good for you but do not rely on the weekend sport to provide all your exercise even professional sportsmen need additional exercise to keep fit and improve their game.


Cycling is an excellent exercise for firming your legs, from things to ankles.

Exercise for Weight Loss for Women

Walking and Jogging

Walking and jogging are excellent exercises to tone the body and for firms.

Ball Games

Such as tennis, bowling, badminton, basketball, or squash are good body stretchers. These sports are wonderful for firming the upper arms and bust, and for trimming the waistline.


Has many advantages it trims your waistline, keeps you out, walks in the fresh air, stretches your body, helps to develop good body coordination, and takes your mind off your problems.


Is well known for toning up the pectoral muscles that support the bust:  it also firms the upper arms and keeps the body flexible. It is a bit tiring at first but keeps it up. (This exercise develops your muscle girdle and helps to reduce your hips).

Everyday exercises

As a working wife and mother, I know the importance of exercises that are easy as well as effective so that most of the exercise routines can be done while you are watching television, reading a magazine, talking on the phone, playing cards, etc.

Begin with five to ten-minute sessions and increase the length of your sessions as your body grows accustomed to conditioning.

You don’t need special clothing to exercise. Anything that’s comfortable and permits freedom of movement is fine. For on-the-floor, routines stretch out on your rug or carpet.

Whenever you do any job that requires bending like opening lower drawers of dressers or file cabinets, dusting furniture legs or making beds, etc., give your thigh muscles a workout y doing deep knees and lower body onto heels, while reaching for the item you want.

Exercise your abdominal muscles while sewing, knitting, reading, or watching T.V. smiley lift one leg, straighten it parallel to the floor, and raise it as high as you can. Lower. Repeat with your other leg.

Reaching for the highest shelf and putting up curtains also are a fine stretching exercise that helps tone the body and arms.  As you reach up, tuck your bottom in and rise on your toes and give a good all-over s-t-r-e-t-c-h.

All sweeping movements with a broom are good arm exercises, keeping your upper arm muscles firm and round. Use your arms alternately so that both are exercised equally.

Another exercise to firm flabby upper arms can be done when you wake up and at bedtime. Stretch out on your back in bed with arms straight down at your sides. Spread your fingers and bend them slightly to form claws with the palms facing downwards.

Press down with your hands as if you were trying to push your fingers right through the mattress, holding the pressure for a slow count of 3. Relax. Repeat the exercise three times.

You can exercise your waist while on the telephone. Start by bending forward from the hips and bouncing up and down, letting the hand that is not holding the telephone hang down.

After a few bounces, straighten up, pull in your stomach, tighten your bottom and then repeat holding the telephone in the other hand.

Now bend to the side seeing how far down the leg your hand can reach. Bounce sideways a few times. Repeat bending on the other side.

To help firm buttocks and hips while watching T.V., knitting, or reading, sit in a straight-backed hard chair. Sit forward so that your back can be held straight.

Now lift your right leg, slowly bending the knee, pointing your toes down, and lifting the leg as high as possible without straining.

Hold for a while, then return the leg slowly to the original position. Do the same exercise with the left leg. Repeat five times with each leg.

For flabby thighs and bottom, sit on a hard chair at home and at work, and practice tensing up those thigh muscles for a count of six at least 220 times a day.

At bath time, pinch fatty areas, after soaping, with a light but firm pressure, giving yourself a massage with talcum powder afterward.

While waiting for water to boil, exercise calves and thighs by rising on your toes and then bending your knees until you are almost in a sitting position (while staying on your toes). Rise again, and keeping still on your toes, bend. Keep on repeating till the water boils.

You can win at bridge or rummy and still work off a dowager’s hump at the same time. Pull up from your diaphragm and bring cards level with your eyes. This is the correct setting. While cards are being dealt, toss your head back as far as possible, then drop chin to chest.

Bath beautifully with stretching motions that help maintain your waistline.

The stand will talk to wash your back, then reach far down your back with one arm, then with the other, keep your legs straight and reach from the waist to wash ankles and toes.  Between lathering, place the soap just out of reach so that you must stretch for it.

Always try to keep your abdomen pulled in as if you were trying to make your stomach touch your spine. This, done constantly, will strengthen your muscles in the area and flatten your stomach.

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