7 Most Common Signs and Symptoms of Cancer

The number of cancer patients is increasing day by day. And every day the number of patients is increasing at an alarming rate. By smoking, sun rays, chemicals, excess weight, and for some other reasons anybody can be affected by cancer. Here are some very common signs and symptoms of cancer and these may help you.

Signs and symptoms of cancer

Signs and Symptoms of Cancer
Signs and Symptoms of Cancer

1. Excess weight loss: Do not be happy if you are losing weight without any trouble. It may be a sign of cancer. Weight loss for changing habits and diet is not a problem and sometimes it is expected too. Without any effort, if you are losing weight then please consult with a doctor immediately. 

2. Continuous fever and cough: Season change may cause fever and cough and it is natural and has not anything to be a worry about. But fever and cough for a long time is not a good sign.  Persistent fever and cough may be the symptoms of blood cancer, lymphoma, and leukemia. 

3. Additional and often head painMany people suffer from pain in the head due to migraines. Cold may be the cause of headaches. But the extreme headache is not a good sign and maybe a sign of brain cancer. Don’t avoid the headache and consult with a doctor immediately 

4. Swelling or lump under the skinThe first and the major signs of cancer in the body become swollen pawn down or feel like aggregates in the whole roll. These pieces inside of the chest or breast or genital are considered as symptoms of cancer. Don’t worry if these are shown in the other parts of the body like hands or feet.   

5. Unusual bleedingCough with blood may be symptoms of lung cancer. Stools with blood may another symptom of blood cancer. If this show, do not be a delay to consult with a doctor.    

6. Changes in the skinLike small grains in the skin or color changes of skin occasionally may be signs of melanoma or skin cancer. Any changes in the skin should not be avoided. 

7. Very quickly get tired and depressedAfter a tough task you make feel tired and it is natural. After taking rest tiredness mitigated and you should feel better. But if not so then it is really not a good sign.  Very often if you feel tired very much after any easy task then you should consult with a doctor immediately. Because it is a sign of cancer.

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